What is SailPass?

To participate in a sailing race at CSC it is necessary for all crew and the skipper to be a sailing member of the club.  If you are new to sailing and just want to give it a try, you can get a SailPass which will be valid for one day.  The SailPass is FREE for the first THREE days.  You need to apply for a SailPass each day you wish the race.  After three days of racing we would hope that you join CSC as a sailing member but if not, you can still get a SailPass for each day and the cost will be $15 per day.

When you get a SailPass, not only will you be able to compete in any races on that day but you will also be covered while racing in those races by Australian Sailing’s personal insurance policy, just in case you get injured.

How much does SailPass Costs?

1 to 3 days                    $0 per day

4 plus days                    $15 per day

You must register for a SailPass for each individual day.  Each SailPass is only valid for one day.

You must get a new SailPass for each day you wish to race.

Once you have registered you will receive an Email confirming your SailPass and the day it is valid for.

How to Register

By registering your details for a SailPass you will be able to crew on any yacht for one day.  It is important that you nominate the correct date so that your insurance will be correctly activated.

The first time you register you will receive an Email containing your Australian Sailing Number (ASN).  Please retain your ASN so you can easily register for additional days.  

New To SailPass

If you have never registered for a SailPass and don’t have an Australian Sailing Number, click on REGISTER 

Already a SailPass Member

If you have previously registered for a SailPass or already have an Australian Sailing Number, click on RENEW 

Can’t remember your ASN?        

If you have registered before but can’t remember your Australian Sailing Number (ASN), click on FIND ASN