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Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking  
Australian Sailing
Sydney Coastal Waters Forecast- BOM
Sydney Closed Water Forecast
NSW Water Police
Marine Rescue
Maritime NSW

 * Please note any on water emergency that requires an ambulance may be taken to the Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking for faster access.

Emergancy Phone Numbers

Channel 16 on VHF- Distress and calling channel 
Channel 18 (27.880 MHz) on a 27 MHZ radio 
Ambulance, Fire, Police000
Marine Rescue- Sydney9450 2468
Marine Rescue- Solander9668 9888
Marine Rescue Broken Bay9999 3554
Marine Rescue Cottage Point9456 3055
Marine Rescue Middle Harbour9969 3270
Marine Rescue South Head9337 5033
Marine Rescue Port Kembla4274 4455
Marine Rescue Hawkesbury9985 9012
Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking9523 9300
Water Police Sydney9320 7499
Water Police Botany Bay9910 7899
Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter9311 3499
 1800 805 528